How To Create The Best Lineup In Saint Seiya Awakening?

When you newly start the Saint Seiya Awakening game, then you initially have Pegasus Seiya that is your main character. Therefore, it will become your first character that you can take as a starter champion that you can use in the further game. Not only this, other great characters such as Unicorn Jabu, Wolf Nachi, and the Dragon Shiryu are also very amazing for the players. 

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The lineup with Six characters

You will get the chance to use various kinds of characters and all those starters six characters we have already mentioned. Not only this, you can take the six characters in a lineup. First of all, players should take four slots, the team and two more slots in order to unlock at level 13 and then 18. In addition to this, it will depend on the speed of the characters that would be really valuable for the players. You can easily play the game once you know about the great use of the characters for limning up. If you have any confusion, then simply go online and check out the tips and tricks.  

Start the battle with best characters

The characters that you take for the lineup will be promote and go for fighting against other great opponent in the battle. Saint Seiya Awakening cheats is one the most effective source that can help the players to earn free gold currency in the game.